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December, 2014

Acton Trash and Pay As You Throw

Survey Results:

Survey article links to four trash articles and Acton Forum survey results on Pay as you Throw.

May 2014

Why are Acton's Property Taxes so high?

Part One: Introduction. See

Part Two: Clint Seward. See

Part Three: Janet Adachi. See

Part Four: Peter Ashton. See

Part Five: Charlie Kadlec. See

Part Six (Conclusion): Allen Nitschelm. See

March 2008

Protect Acton School Staff and Spending
By Clint Seward
--Read The Article--
Why the Schools Need More Teachers
By Allen Nitschelm
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August 2007

Acton Town Meeting: Is It Broken?
"Should Acton change its form of government to something other than Town Meeting?"

PRO: Alex Horovitz
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CON: Charlie Kadlec
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