Blogging comes to Acton!

Acton Forum is now accepting applications from residents of Acton who would
like to publish their own blog on our website.

Bloggers will have their own page, under their editorial control, where they
can write about subjects of interest to them and have readers post comments.
Bloggers will be able to remove objectionable comments and are responsible
for the content of what appears on their pages.

Acton residents are given preference for blogs, but others living nearby, or who work in Acton, or who will have an Acton focus, will be allowed to publish blogs on our website.

The subject matter and content will be up to each individual blogger. While
our website focuses on Acton issues, bloggers will be free to discuss any
topics they wish.

Please READ OUR RULES for blogs and if you are interested in publishing a
local blog, click the link at the bottom to fill out the form.

If you have any questions or would like to become a blogger, email Publisher Allen Nitschelm at Allen(@)

The Editors.


Rules for Blogs

1. Blogs will often be written by Acton residents. If you move out of town,
you must notify the Editors and we will decide if the blog is of enough
interest to continue it. If you live outside of town, your focus must be on the Acton area, or be of interest to Acton residents.

2. We will not edit content; that is the responsibility of the blogger.
However, we reserve the right to remove objectionable content that does not
conform to our website's posting rules (i.e., no personal attacks will be

3. Blogs must be updated by the blogger at least once per month with a new

4. Only registered users will be allowed to post responses to articles,
including blogs. The editors reserve the right to remove comments by
individuals who do not conform to our policies or for any other reason (or
no reason) at our discretion.

5. All contents of the Acton Forum are copyright (c) 2016 by Acton Forum.
All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced (in printed or electronic
form) in other media without the express written consent of the Publisher or
Editors of Acton Forum, whose consent may be withheld for any reason or no
reason. However, individual bloggers are free to reproduce their content as
the author/editor so long as the Acton Forum is credited as the first
published source.

6. Blogs may be removed by the Publisher or Editors if the pages are not
popular. Should a blog be terminated by Acton Forum, and the blog removed,
the rights to the content will revert to the blogger. However, if the
content remains on the site, then Acton Forum shall be allowed to continue
to display it, even if new content is not being posted. Should a blogger or
Acton Forum wish to discontinue a blog, they may do so with 30 days notice
and Acton Forum may either remove the blog entirely, or may leave up past
content with no future postings allowed.

7. Acton Forum reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any
time, without notice.

8. There will be no charge to the bloggers for hosting their blog.

9. Blogs may not be used for purposes for which they are not intended. For
example, if a blog were created to drive website traffic to another
commercial website, that would be disallowed. However, occasional incidental
links to outside websites are allowed.

10. Bloggers must disclose any direct financial interest in any topics they cover. This includes any direct compensation in the form of gifts, free meals, etc., from entities they write about.

11. Your application as a blogger constitutes acceptance of these rules.