Every Day Counts: A Case for Prioritizing In-person Learning

When the lockdowns began, we were all stunned and trusted that the local, state, and federal health officials knew what they were doing and were following a plan. After all, one of the primary purposes of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is to prepare for any diseases, including viruses, known or unknown, and have a plan ready to implement. This plan should include effective communication to explain the facts to the effected populations including proposed actions to reduce the spread and risk to everyone.

Acton Forum transitioning to Facebook!

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Should we rethink our school building project?

Hello, fellow Actonians! Are you all surviving the Coronavirus lockdown? I for one can't wait for this crisis to abate.

Our economy has suffered a great blow and we have yet to see fully how it will negatively affect us all, from the personal level to the town, state, and federal government, as well as the private sector and the stock market. There are many unknowns out there that were not present just five or six months ago.

Last year, our Town approved a new "Triplet School" to replace Douglas and Gates elementary, and to expand our kindergarten and pre-K offerings.

Continued Restrictions and Observations in Acton and Boxborough and around the World due to the COVID-19: March 23-April 6

Over the past two weeks, restrictions have increased even more, and the news isn't much better thanks to the ongoing spread of the Corona/Covid 19/Wuhan Virus. Local, state and federal agencies are doing what they can to support the medical service industry but to be prepared for any situation would require an extraordinary amount of resources AND limit our individual freedoms to an unacceptable level in case of an outbreak.

First, They Closed the Schools, then the Playgrounds. What's next? March 12-22, 2020

None of us have ever experienced anything like the ongoing spread of the Corona/Covid 19/Wuhan Virus. There is an abundance of information (mixed with false information) online and in broadcast media. It is difficult to keep up with the latest news, figure out what really going on and even more difficult to determine what will happen in the future. Here is a collection of observations and some analysis of how this has affected our local community over the past 11 days. Acton Forum will continue to post similar updates week to week.

Acton’s Immigration Policy After Nearly Two Years: Part 2, Data and Police Comments

This Blog is a continuation of Part 1, posted on October 27, 2019. To read part one, CLICK HERE

To quantify the population of non-citizen lawbreakers within Acton between November 1, 2017 and November 1, 2019 Acton Forum asked Deputy Chief of Police, James Cogan to compile a list of police interactions with individuals who:

a. did not have identification from the US,

Feeling sorry

The last couple of weeks has been a great reminder of why I took an extended break from local town politics, and how much I now need another. I am "feeling sorry" but the question for my readers is who am I feeling sorry for?

The Future of Education in Acton Boxborough – Problems with Projecting Future Needs

I have several concerns related to the building project as it relates to how education will be implemented in the future 50 years. Investing over $100 Million is worth considering every reasonable alternative.

Acton: Vote No on Ballot Question One (School Building)

Acton voters will be asked to approve three Proposition 2½ overrides this Tuesday, December 17, at the ballot box. Voters may cast their ballot between 7 am and 8 pm.