Acton’s Immigration Policy After Nearly Two Years: Part 2, Data and Police Comments

This Blog is a continuation of Part 1, posted on October 27, 2019. To read part one, CLICK HERE

To quantify the population of non-citizen lawbreakers within Acton between November 1, 2017 and November 1, 2019 Acton Forum asked Deputy Chief of Police, James Cogan to compile a list of police interactions with individuals who:

a. did not have identification from the US,

Feeling sorry

The last couple of weeks has been a great reminder of why I took an extended break from local town politics, and how much I now need another. I am "feeling sorry" but the question for my readers is who am I feeling sorry for?

The Future of Education in Acton Boxborough – Problems with Projecting Future Needs

I have several concerns related to the building project as it relates to how education will be implemented in the future 50 years. Investing over $100 Million is worth considering every reasonable alternative.

Acton: Vote No on Ballot Question One (School Building)

Acton voters will be asked to approve three Proposition 2½ overrides this Tuesday, December 17, at the ballot box. Voters may cast their ballot between 7 am and 8 pm.

Berry Berry quite contrary

Joann Berry, our new Town Moderator, has already distinguished herself. She has shown that she has the raw power to silence her political opponents at Town Meeting. Nicely done! (cue the laugh track).

Ms. Berry and I have a bit of history going back around 15 years. In fact, she was just about the very first person I ever met with right before I started getting involved in local politics. As I recall, she was the head of the League of Women Voters (which has turned into an incredibly partisan organization, by the way).

Truth and consequences

There is a town election coming this Tuesday Dec. 17. Your vote will determine three Proposition 2 1/2 overrides for a total increase to the Average Single Family (ASF) property tax bill of between $570-$657 per year for 30 years. Polls open at 7 am and close at 8 pm.

Where is Joann Berry?

Acton Town Moderator Joann Berry has disappeared. If you see her, please have her call me. My home number is ......

I know Ms. Berry was in town last week, because I attended the Special Town Meeting. And I assume she will be in town tonight because we have a second Special Town Meeting, and she is the Town Moderator. But in between these two commitments, Berry could be vacationing on a remote island (without Internet service) or maybe she is doing a marathon yoga or meditation session and can't be disturbed.

The reason I want to speak with Ms.

A better school plan

Hello Acton!

It has been a long time since I’ve written an article for Acton Forum. I’ve been keeping busy with my new Boston Globe media criticism project (see as well as engaging in some very fun hobbies as time allows. I have stepped back from working on local issues ever since the School Committee’s disastrous sacking of the former Superintendent.

Acton’s Immigration Policy After Nearly Two Years: Part 1, A Re-Introduction

There have been many immigration policies enacted at the local and state level across the Country, but all are specific to their own conditions. Many have been challenged in court and when an illegal immigrant commits a serious crime, one of the first questions raised on behalf of the victim is about the details of the local immigration policy.

Why I'm voting Yes to ban marijuana retail sales in Acton on Monday

I voted to approve legalization of marijuana in 2016, but I will be voting Yes at Monday’s Special Town Meeting to ban retail marijuana sales in Acton.

I’m not a marijuana user. The last time I tried it was in Amsterdam about 10 years ago, and it was not a pleasant experience. But I do believe in adults having as much freedom as possible, and since marijuana is not a dangerous drug (no more dangerous than alcohol, say) I was in favor of legalization.

That part of the debate is now over, settled.