Continued Restrictions and Observations in Acton and Boxborough and around the World due to the COVID-19: March 23-April 6

Over the past two weeks, restrictions have increased even more, and the news isn't much better thanks to the ongoing spread of the Corona/Covid 19/Wuhan Virus. Local, state and federal agencies are doing what they can to support the medical service industry but to be prepared for any situation would require an extraordinary amount of resources AND limit our individual freedoms to an unacceptable level in case of an outbreak. However, there are trade-offs to such decisions and here we are, dealing with the "pendulum swinging back at us" and we see that our society is generally overwhelmed and unprepared for any disease outbreak. Considering the level of international travel and trade prior to COVID-19, it is not surprising how fast this spread across the world. Furthermore, now that we understand the level of deception practiced by the Chinese government, the world should be waking up that they are not a reliable partner for any trade or free flow of information when it comes to human safety. It is also clear that the World Health Organization is under simple a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party. Who can we trust? Here is a collection of observations and some analysis of how this has affected our local community and region over the past 12 days. Acton Forum will continue to post similar updates week to week. As always, we welcome contributions from our readers and local writers.

First, three important links state and local updates:


Acton Civil Alerts

Boxborough Coronavirus

There are now 17 cases reported in Acton and 5 in Boxborough.

Public Schools increase use of online instruction, delayed Public School Restart Date from April 6 to May 4. The High School Principal announced students would be graded on a Pass-Fail system to simplify the grading, but then announced this decision is not final.

Meanwhile, homeschool families proceed uninterrupted. Any sharing of optimism became politically incorrect. I believe the logic is based on the concept that if a person believes we may get back to normal in the foreseeable future and question unreliable mathematical models, that person will disregard social distancing and become part of the problem. Therefore, that person is encouraged to shut up from their peers (at least in my experience). So much for free speech.

Town of Acton blocked the parking lot to the Lower Field with jersey barriers, posted Closed signs, and zip-tied basketball nets at other playgrounds.

Single use plastic bags are now required at all retailers and reusable bags are not allowed when shopping due to the possibility of cloth bags harboring the virus.

Recycling cans and bottles at redemption centers has stopped and Styrofoam is no longer recycled at the Acton Transfer Station.

Local businesses installed sheets of plastic or large "sneeze shields" at cash registers.

More and more shoppers dawn gloves and masks whenever going out for supplies.

Outdoor recreation has been even further restricted. Locally, the Massachusetts Audubon Society has closed access to their trails.

On my own walks of the trails in Acton and Boxborough, there are more people on the trails than ever, but often people don't look like they want to be there. Unattended dog poop bags continue to pile up along the trails thanks to the increase in inconsiderate trail walkers. I even came across of a small gathering/picnic of young ladies who thought they were far away from any witnesses but didn't realize they were a few feet away from a well-used trail.

Among those of us that walk dogs on the trails, we've agreed to keep our dogs from playing with each other based on the concern that each dog carries its families' germs within their fur, and we shouldn't be mixing family germs. This makes dogs and dog owners sad.

I have had some great discussions with some folks on the trails. I came across a father and his young son looking for frogs and frog eggs near one of my favorite little ponds. I provided some directions to a family of anglers to find better sections of the brook for fishing. Finally, I spoke to a Scout leader exploring the trails to provide some activities for scouts, which they could do individually. I suggested to use iNaturalist as a great way to identify plants and animals and learn what others of documented in the same area (and around the world). I recommend this for anyone interested in learning more about nature.

Nearly all businesses require employees to work at home or lay off employees.

For those of us with work that is considered "essential", traffic was very light, and commuting is surreal. The list of "essential work" is growing and obviously politically influenced.

The City of Boston initiated a curfew to discourage gatherings.

People on Social Media have either used the platform to be helpful to their fellow neighbors or snitch on their neighbors, promoted by certain leaders (like the Mayor of Los Angeles).

People have continued to stock up on household supplies. Toilet paper, paper towels and tissues continue to be limited in supply but are restocked relieving some panic.

Local public hearings and permit reviews are continuing using platforms like Zoom and submit to "Zoom Bombs". I have participated two meetings in two towns, which were not too bad. However, my colleague had a terrible experience where some unwelcome youths took over the meeting and proceeded to use profanity and show pornography and a graphic scene of a beheading with a chainsaw. If you are using Zoom, make sure your meeting has a pass code and is not wide open to the public.

The Observation Deck at the top of Wachusett Mountain was closed to the public. No more gathering at the Summit.

Regionally, the historic backcountry skiing destination, Tuckerman Ravine has been closed for the first time ever. I couldn't believe this when I first heard it, so I investigated this further. The US Forest Service tried to leave this up to the public's best judgment and the guidance of the Governor of New Hampshire, but this was a disaster waiting to happen. Prior to the shutdown, there were two rescues required by their volunteer rescue pool. Most of these rescuers have unique qualifications as experienced mountaineers and health care professionals. When they determined that one of their "victims" was an EMT from New Jersey who had recently been working the infected COVID-19 patients, they shut it down to skiers and snowboarders. NH has a small population, but they don't need people driving up from NJ to expose NH's health care workers to this virus. This victim wasn't even injured but was stuck above a cliff and lost his nerve.

Many local and state politicians are eager to blame the federal government, specifically, the President for as much as possible. This reveals their ignorance to the Constitution. It is the governors and mayors who oversee preparedness of their states and cities. They are the ones who are not prepared.

As more information is sorted through on the history and spread of the virus, it has become clear that the Chinese Government is to blame for concealing the facts from their own people and from the international community. They are communist and continue to act as communists. They are now selling us medical supplies and medicine of questionable quality.

It is also clear that the Chinese Government has widespread influence within international organizations like the World Health Organization and major US media corporations (partly owned by China). If you want to do something under your own control, stop buying Chinese products and push our politicians to encourage manufacturing of medicine and medical supplies in the USA, not China. Reporters continue to demonstrate their bias and inability to understand science or math. Democrats team up with these same reporters to beat the same messages over and over again. Together, they have continued to politicize anything the President does including downplaying promising medicine that has been safely used for decades (hydroxychloroquine) and they do their best to scare people instead of reporting on the facts.

It is clear to free-thinking people that the Democrats and most people in the press are using this crisis to undermine our constitutional government and free market system. I understand this is a serious accusation, but it is so obvious if you listen to our politicians and read the list of items in the recently passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. This bill is loaded with giveaways and threatens to jeopardize our future economic stability in order to provide immediate relief. This is what people like Bernie Sanders and his supporters think of as an opportunity. The Cloward-Piven strategy is the foundation for this approach. This strategy is: take advantage of a dangerous crises and when the people cry out for safety and are willing to sacrifice their freedoms, reshape the government to a fully socialized system. If you want to learn more, this 1966 paper was republished here: Cloward-Piven>. This is unfortunate, but thankfully, we can do our own research, share our ideas, argue over what actions to take, and influence politicians.

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