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We all want housing to be more affordable, in Acton, right?

The goal of "The People's Affordable Housing Survey" is to figure out what the public wants when they say they want housing to be more affordable in Acton.

There are lots of surveys going around that are sponsored by people who are working for the construction industry and state/local agencies which depend on new construction for their income and/or non-monetary awards. These other surveys may even be trying to convince you that building more new housing in Acton will result in "good companies" coming to Acton. Or that if we don't build more high density housing, that we will never have small shops or restaurants. Who is sponsoring these surveys? At least one of them is being sponsored by Town Hall who who has paid a consultant to convince you that the new construction is good for you. Click here to see the Acton Survey Consultant's scope of work

These surveys are so biased, that we thought we'd do our own biased survey !

"The People's Affordable Housing Survey" is biased too! It's biased toward people who live here in town! It's biased toward the environment! It's biased toward people who need ACTUAL affordable housing! It's biased toward people who want fixes NOW without giving subsidies to huge developers... It's biased toward people who actually live here and like it in Acton [with a few tweaks, like FIX THE LIGHTS and the SIDEWALKS and convert existing ACTUAL affordable housing to serve the people who need it most, por favor!]

Anyway, we want to get information that is closer to reality about what people want in Acton.

So we decided to start our own "unofficial" survey. The results of "The People's Affordable Housing Survey" will be shared with officials

"The People's Affordable Housing Survey" is designed and sponsored by "just plain old folks", who live in Acton, who care about making sure that our affordable housing subsidies go to people who need the help the most, while being as environmentally and fiscally responsible as possible. The people who are sponsoring "The People's Affordable Housing Survey" are NOT connected to any construction industry activities. The people who sponsoring this survey are NOT members of any entities which have "new construction" as a mission.

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