Demise of the GOP

Look quick! In an instant, the Republican party will be completely irrelevant. Does this have to be? Maybe not, but it almost certainly will be. Why? Rules. Rules for representation. Rules and numbers. If Republicans do not change, then the rules for making voting districts will bring about change.

While 31% of the voters in Massachusetts are Republican, under the current rules there is no way to carve out a congressional district that would allow a Republican to be elected.

The right to bear arms

In the light of so many tragedies with guns, some people argue we should severely restrict or even ban guns. This article is in defense of the Second Amendment.

My belief is my own. It is not based on others’ arguments or what the major political parties may believe or argue. I believe my argument is based on what the founding fathers intended with the Bill of Rights and is not a “partisan” defense.

Before I discuss and defend the Second Amendment, let me start with the First.

I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment.

Other than the attempted coup, Obama had most scandal-free presidency in history

A press release put out by the Barack Obama Presidential Library touted an opening of a new wing, dedicated to the U.S. Constitution, and included a brief statement by our former President. "I'm enjoying my retirement, and watching the heads spin in Washington in response to the Trump administration.

Republicans build extra stories on straw house

In the story of the three little pigs, the laziest pig builds his house of straw so he can have more time to relax. When the wolf comes, the house is no match for his tremendous breath and it falls down. In the original story, he gets eaten. Nowadays, the story has probably been changed to he runs away. Even the house made of wood is not strong enough to protect the middle pig. Only the pig who sacrificed to build his house of brick managed to survive.

When there is no wolf around, it is very hard to justify spending money on bricks.

Climate change is an illogical chain of hypotheses

Global warming is no "myth." There is definitely something going on. There are too many studies indicating changes not to believe that.

But, that does not mean humans should change their activity, if they could, or that those who can change their activity should do so.

President Trump, truth-teller

I was a reluctant Trump supporter for all the obvious reasons, who is starting to think that Donald Trump may be our best president in modern times. His State of the Union speech was filled with examples of how his policies (mostly mainstream Republican ideals) have been improving our lives and our economy, and how he has been reversing all the faults and mistakes of the previous administration.

One of the biggest surprises has been his honesty.

President Trump, Build That Wall!

I love the Wall Street Journal, except when it covers issues related to immigration. On this topic, the Journal is myopic, toeing the line pushed by the "mainstream media" that controlling immigration is wrong.

There are economic arguments for immigration and we allow immigration now. What Trump and his supporters are against are illegal or unvetted immigrants, and what they are for is following the law.

Tax loopholes defended

President Trump and Congress have enacted sweeping reforms to our tax laws, some of which will take years before the full impact will be felt. Not allowing full deductions for state and local taxes will be a big change, for example. And while the deductions have been simplified for most filers (with higher standard deductions doing that trick), those that pay the most taxes (the rich) will continue to look for ways to save money. This is human nature at work.

The term "loopholes" has become toxic.

Interest rates and inflation

I have written several times about our crazy monetary policies and how perpetual deficit spending is not wise.

Today's Wall Street Journal reports an uptick in inflation, most likely a sign that the economy is picking up, the money in circulation is starting to bid up prices, and thus people have to pay more to buy the things they want.

It has been crazy that with the printing presses running 24/7 over the past eight years and longer, we haven't seen inflation taking off.