Pennant Previews

If you are a baseball fan you know we are coming up on the best week of the season. When the playoffs start and you can follow the top 8 MLB teams and watch 2, sometimes 3 games a day, it's awesome. Besides alot of late nights, bleary eyes,terrific drama and artistry, here is a quick take on what I think you can expect this fall.....

AL Yanks and Red Sox

Sports Camps at Dan Duquette Sports Academy


Why Sewers are a Loser for Acton

Acton had a sustainable water system in the past. Now we are at risk of throwing it away.

Are Acton Leaders Turning their backs on the Public?

Last year, in the name of transparent government, the Acton Leadership Group (ALG) changed its seating arrangement to the same open arrangement used by the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, and the School Committee. This was an excellent improvement and was taken in response to requests from members of the public who regularly attend the ALG meetings. It allowed the public to hear the debates of the ALG, which is arguably the most powerful budget and tax rate setting entity within Acton.

Government Spending Run Amok - Part Two

PART TWO: Government-employee unions are initially to blame; secondary blame goes to voters.

Massachusetts is leading the nation in its support for the Democratic Party and President Obama. And these guys are endorsed and supported by labor unions, which in the public sector are paid for by the government using tax dollars. These generous salary and benefit increases are obviously payback for their electoral support.

Government Spending Run Amok - Part One

PART ONE: Unbelievable deficits and obligations.

There was an eye-opening article in the Wall Street Journal this past week (9/5/09, p A11), entited "Warning: The Deficits Are Coming!" (with shades of Paul Revere warning about the British invasion....) The alarm is being rung by David Walker, an economist and former head of the General Accounting Office (GAO) under President Clinton, who was responsible for auditing the government's books. He now works for the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which educates the public about the need for fiscal prudence.

Keep Town Meeting, but it is time to improve it: From Clint on 6/2009

The traditional Acton Town Meeting can be greatly improved by using new technology presently available.

First Blog

Welcome to the Acton Forum! I am happy to introduce our new "Blog" feature.
This will allow residents who have something to say to write about it and