What's not to love about negative interest rates?

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported today that negative interest rates seemed to be depressing spending and increasing savings in countries that adopted them, contrary to what economists had predicted. Consumers seem to view negative interest rates as a sign of market distress which made them nervous about spending. Economists were puzzled.

Trying to outlaw discrimination

When did "discrimination" become such a dirty word?

The word discriminate has several positive meanings in addition to the most-well-known negative one.

Someone who is picky and looking for the best quality can discriminate between the available options. And a manufacturer can add features called discriminators to set his products apart from the competition.

What President Obama should have said

Yesterday, President Obama answered a question about Donald Trump at a news conference, declaring the Republican nominee unfit for presidential office. Here's what he should have said instead:

After serious reflection, I have decided to make my opposition to Donald Trump's candidacy public, using the office of the presidency to interfere in a political race in a partisan way. This is a break with the traditional decorum, I know, but this election is too important to stay silent when the future of our country is at stake.

Muslim father of dead soldier goes over the top

I didn't watch too much of the Democrat National Convention (DNC) but I've heard of the speech given by the Muslim father of the dead U.S. soldier, and have since watched the speech on YouTube. It is six minutes long and is available here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzkkk-oJ6bo

The speech is powerful and the Dad is obviously proud of his son and heartsick from his loss, as is his wife. But he was used as a partisan tool by the Shemailer, and his argument falls short, despite the powerful emotions of his son's and his family's sacrifice.

The Shemailer and socialism

The Democrat nominees, the Shemailer and Kaine, are going to continue and extend the socialist policies enacted by our current President. This would be an economic mistake as capitalism is what has made this country strong, and socialism will make it weaker.

"No more likely"

Statistics can be really fun. But the conclusions one reaches from them can be confusing or can be used to mislead people. I read a whopper of misdirection by Anglea Merkel just now, but before I get to that, let me recount a story I heard on the radio yesterday by a financial analyst.

How Obama incubated a more dangerous Trump

It is now official. Trump is running against the Shemailer.

I like that nickname. Perhaps Trump will find it and start using it.

Let's not turn the U.S. into Europe

I'm a big fan of science fiction. What I love about it is that it is often able to present moral dilemmas in a different context. Well, that and all the goofy aliens.

Why Republican leaders should not be boycotting Trump

Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ. He is not Hitler. His election will not lead to an American dictatorship and is not against Democracy. He is not a fascist. Our current occupant of the White House has taken actual steps to weaken our democracy and the rule of law, while Trump is a blowhard who says things off the cuff and is unlikely to do half of what he says when he finds out that he needs accomplices in the legislature to achieve his goals.

Republican Establishment dogma on trade

Republicans are generally for free trade. They supported efforts to make trade deals like Bill Clinton's NAFTA, because more trade reduces costs to consumers. There is really no question that in the short term, lower prices are a boost to our economy.