Bravo, Acton

Local Students Reach Final Round of the Quiz Bowl!

Quiz bowl is a game in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, mathematics, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more. The defining feature of quiz bowl is the use of a “buzzer system” that allows players to interrupt the reading of a question when they think they know the answer. That added dimension of confidence, anticipation, skill, and rapid recall distinguishes “good quiz bowl” from televised shows with buzzers that lock competitors out until the question has been completed.

A Point of Pride for Acton

The top candidates in the September Third Congressional District Democratic party primary finished with less than 1% difference in their vote totals. A vote recount was requested, and I witnessed the recount as a Registrar of Voters for Acton. This note is motivated by the contrast between the competence of the Acton recount and the recent troubling events in Florida, where general election ballots were reported to have been found in a variety of unusual locations.

Town Meeting to consider a lower tax increase for next year

Motion will be made by Kadlec on the first night, April 3rd

The Warrant for the Acton Annual Town meeting which starts Monday, April 3rd ( ) shows that the tax bill for the “Average Single Family Home” (ASFH) would increase 3.96% to $11,121 if Town Meeting approved all the proposed appropriations and the use of reserves as recommended by the Acton Leadership Group (ALG) (see page 23 of the Town Warrant, 2nd column, 2nd and 3rd Row

New group plans Kelley's Corner improvements

A new group is being formed that will explore and possibly recommend a new way forward to make improvements to Kelley's Corner. The group is coordinated by former Selectman Terra Friedrichs, along with Acton Forum editors Charlie Kadlec and Allen Nitschelm. All are welcome to join. Our plan is to develop ideas for do-able near term improvements to make the Kelley's Corner area safer, more walkable, more attractive and inviting to small businesses.

Town of Acton backs off sign violation enforcement

Thu, 2014-09-18

According to documents received by Acton Forum under a public document request, the Town of Acton appears to have taken a giant step backwards from its formerly ruthless enforcement of the town's sign bylaw.

Glenn Brand chosen next AB Superintendent

Sat, 2014-01-25

The Acton-Boxborough school committee chose Glenn A. Brand of Franklin as the next Superintendent of Schools, subject to a successful contract negotiation. After the vote, the School Committee went into executive session to discuss their offer to Mr. Brand.

Brand currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the Sharon schools, and had previously worked in the Needham school system as the Principal of the Pollard Middle School. Both Sharon and Needham schools are similar to Acton in size and academic achievement.

Acton's Unemployment Rate Drops

Tue, 2012-05-22

According to the state's Office of Labor and Workforce Development (, Acton and the state's unemployment picture has improved in recent months. Acton's unemployment rate was 3.8% in April, 2012 and 3.7% the previous month. The last time Acton's unemployment rate was less than 4% was in 2008.

The state's unemployment rate also dropped in April, to 5.9%. It also has not been so low since 2008. The national unemployment rate is just above 8%.

Mullin Field

Wed, 2012-04-04

I'm not a sports guy. But Acton is a sports-crazy town. I think kids start playing soccer before they can walk and they are on the hockey ice before they can talk.

Sporting activities are great for kids. It is good exercise and it keeps them out of trouble. For many, it is a welcome break from school pressures and adolescence. It is an essential part of a good education.

Town, Unions Reach Tentative Healthcare Savings Agreement

Fri, 2012-02-03

Acton and its unionized employees have reached a tentative agreement to make changes in employee health insurance coverages which will save Acton around $1.2 million per year. This is an excellent result from a process which seemed doomed to fail when first announced. When do you hear about union employees agreeing to increase their own costs? (Answer: never.) That understanding has been turned on its head by Acton's unionized employees.

Bravo, Acton! Schools finally rein in administrative costs

Thu, 2011-04-14

Two years ago, Acton Forum wrote a series of articles on the high compensation, raises, and retirement benefits of Acton administrators. In 2008, administrators were given 12% average raises each year over two years. The overall costs for school administration salaries had risen from $2.7m to $3.4m from 2006 to 2008.

New Superintendent Stephen Mills was just arriving into Acton and he's had a couple of years to settle in. We've also gone through some very rough times economically.

Bravo Acton! Rare split on boards at Special Town Meeting

Wed, 2010-10-27

At the Special Town Meeting of October 25, 2010, we witnessed a rare event: a split among the boards about whether or not to purchase the Caouette Farm property.

Most of the money for this purchase was already committed from the CPC fund at the April Town Meeting, but some glitches arose that required another meeting and authorization for about $300k more from the general fund to complete the purchase.

Bravo, Acton! Beacon Makes a Comeback.

Wed, 2010-05-12

What a difference a year makes--or even a few months.

Last year, I publicly criticized our local newspaper of record, The Beacon, on several fronts.

First, I lamented that it took about two minutes to read through the paper. None of the local political activities were being covered consistently. All of the articles were "puff pieces" highlighting this or that local business or feature articles. Feature articles are fine, but shouldn't comprise 99% of the paper's editorial content.

Bravo Acton! A good budget for a difficult economy

Tue, 2010-04-06

Acton voters approved municipal and school budgets for next year at the April 5th Town Meeting. These budgets are a very good result considering the continuing difficult economic climate. The essential town and school services are maintained, and Acton has avoided the major layoffs and major tax increases that have faced other towns this past year.

Bravo, Acton! Instantly helping a citizen clear a fallen tree.

Thu, 2009-12-10

(Acton, MA) - During the first major snowfall of the season, our house and car were hit by an enormous old pine tree on Wednesday. The tree was located near the street, on town property.

Luckily, a town plow was passing at the same time and saw the whole thing. The driver immediately called the Highway Department, who dispatched a crew to help clear the tree and assess the damage. Within two hours they had cut enough branches that we could move the car and get into our garage. There was no way I could have done that myself.

Bravo, Acton!!! The Acton-Boxboro Farmers Market is a fun place to visit.

Wed, 2009-09-16

The Acton- Boxboro Farmers Market is a great place for a stroll on a Sunday morning to catch a light breakfast and to buy produce picked earlier that morning. Local farms bring fresh produce, fresh baked goods, preserves, local products, and much more. It opens each Sunday from 10AM to 1PM on Pearl Street in West Acton.

Breakfast for us was a fresh baked scone from The Biscuit, which offers fresh-baked breads and pastries free of preservatives, chemical colorings, and partially hydrogenated oils or fats. Everything at The Biscuit is baked fresh daily!

Bravo, Acton! AAA Bond Rating

Tue, 2009-08-18

Standard and Poor’s has upgraded Acton’s bond rating to AAA, the highest rating available.

Positive Results for Acton: O’Grady Skate Board Park

Sun, 2007-01-07

bravo_skate1.jpg The O’Grady skate board park on Hayward Road has worked out well for Acton based on t

Good job, Cory Atkins!

Mon, 2009-01-26

I am a "process" guy. The way things are done matters. We need checks and balances. We need people to take personal responsibility. We need people to do the right thing.