A Letter from Mike Gowing

By Mike Gowing, Candidate for Acton Selectman

My name is Mike Gowing and I am running for the Board of Selectmen. I hope to convince you that I am the best candidate for the position and for Acton’s future.

I am a catalyst for collaboration. I believe I bring to the board the right mix of optimism, realism, civility and informed decision making that will allow Acton to thrive at this critical time in our town, state and our country.

I am a lifelong Massachusetts resident; Boston, born and bred, and I have lived in the Metro North area for the past 26 years, Acton for the last 6. As you may have read in the Beacon, I have a lifelong commitment to volunteering, and looked for opportunities when I arrived in Acton. I began as a “handyman” for the senior center program and added “friendly visitor” soon after. When a COA board position opened, I volunteered to serve. Over my tenure, I advanced to Secretary and eventually Vice-Chair of the COA. Over the last two years, I was on the team addressing the senior center expansion project. It was during this time that I demonstrated my ability to work with a variety of perspectives and build effective consensus. I became more aware of the politics in Acton. As the Senior Center Community project began to come to a close, several project participants approached me with the idea of running for selectman. After much discussion with my family and careful deliberation, I decided to run. It is challenging to be an underdog, but it’s not only about me and my qualifications. It’s about the future of our town.

My qualifications for Selectman include a proven history of service and leadership. I served our country among the few and the proud--the Marine Corps. I have over thirty years of business management experience and a desire to give back to the community. I have always worked hard at whatever I have undertaken. I bring leadership, budgeting experience and the ability to try to work well with people of diverse backgrounds. I listen well and have a good perspective on differing positions in a discussion - Bringing collaboration and optimism to the complex issues that face our town. Complex issues aren’t solved by simplex answers like “cut taxes.”

I have sensed a lot of division and in many cases lack of civility. I feel I can help smooth some of these issues while still providing strong leadership. I am not a political insider – I do, however, have the support of many people in town who have navigated that landscape. I am a fiscal realist who cares that we preserve what we have fought so hard to build here in Acton. I am dedicated to: strong schools, town diversity, green expansion efforts, public transportation and growing Acton to be the best it can be.

One of my driving factors in doing this is to try to infuse the town with the desire to participate more – both through voting and participating in volunteer efforts throughout the town. We have a lovely town. It is steeped in New England tradition and brings with it all the reasons why people want to move to Acton: great schools, diversity, volunteerism and the sense of community that is lost in many towns. Your participation in the election March 31st and the subsequent town meeting April 6th is important. I hope that you will vote for me on the thirty-first For additional information on my position on various town issues I encourage you to visit my website at www.mikegowing-acton.com. I am always open to new ideas and different points of view. It is in our diversity in Acton, we find our very strength.

I encourage all of you to get involved in some aspect of the town – we have numerous opportunities to be involved in things that would interest almost everyone. Become part of our solution! And start with casting your vote on March 31 for Mike Gowing for Selectman.

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