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2018 School Salary Data

The Acton-Boxborough Regional School District sent us the 2018 W-2 Salary information and we have it in two versions, one ranked by earnings from high to low, and one in alphabetical order.

The list alphabetically is here: AB_schools_2018_W2_alpha.xlsx

The list by earnings is here: AB_schools_2018_W2_top_wages.xlsx

Town of Acton 2018 Municipal Wages

All the wages can be seen in the Excel file here: Acton_town_wages_2018.xlsx.

2017 W-2 Wages
Acton released the 2017 W-2 Town Salary list and it is available here:

UPDATE: The list of 2017 AB Regional School District employees with salaries and titles in alphabetical order is here:

2016 W-2 Wages

Municipal Wages:

School wages:

2015 W-2 Wages


2014 Gross Wages for the Schools. See the Excel File here:

2014 Gross Wages for the Town. See the PDF file here:

2013 Total Municipal W-2 earnings

  • Click Here to review all Town of Acton Municipal compensation for 2013 (revised to include all earnings.)
  • There are three tab choices on the bottom of the Excel file: 2013, 2012, and combined 2012-2013 which shows year-to-year increases for all employees paid over $5,000.

    NOTE: Below is the first set of data, which is 2013 gross calendar-year salaries only:

    Click here for "2013 (Calendar Year) Gross Salaries - Municipal (Town of Acton)"


    Click here for a list of all School Administrator's Contracts, through 2012

    Click Here for a link to the October 2011 Segal Report on Acton's OPEB obligation.

    NEW! FY13 School Salaries

    NEW! FY13 and W-2 salaries for School custodians

    Acton Water District 2013 W-2 Salaries

  • Click Here to review all Acton Water District 2013 W-2 Salaries.
  • School Superintendent Glenn Brand's 2014 contract.

  • Click Here to review Glenn Brand's 2014 Contract.
  • (If you have trouble directly opening the document, try right-clicking and "save target as" to your disk first.)

    Director of Special Ed Mary Emmons 2015 contract:

    2013-2014 School Administration Contracts

  • Click Here to review Dana Labb Contract.
  • Click Here to review JoAnn Kilpatrick Contract.
  • 2010-2012 School Union Contracts

  • Click Here to review all School Employee Union Contract information and Salary Scales.
  • W2 Salaries:

    Fiscal Year Salaries:

    (Each of these documents with headers that include Position and FTE comes from the school's Human Resources database. It is the salary budgeted for each employee. For all salaried employees, this is the salary total for their contract. For hourly, it is the hourly total if they work all of the hours they are scheduled to work. )

    Acton Municipal Salaries

    • Base Salaries FY2011 and FY2012-This file was received from the Town of Acton on Nov. 17, 2011. It represents scheduled salaries for all town employees. Actual salaries paid can be seen in the 2010 W-2 list elsewhere on Acton Forum. Further information provided by the town:
        Some employees’ “rate” will show as hourly and will have a low annual salary because they work very few hours during the year
        Some employees’ hourly “rate” will also be listed under the annualized columns, (for example, Christiane Carvalho), because they work per diem and will get paid that hourly rate only when called.
        The fiscal year 2012 column is estimated salaries because this data came from the Finance Office’s Position Control database which they must populate during fiscal year 2011 in order to prepare for fiscal year 2012 payroll costs. So, there are employees who have not yet received their fiscal year 2012 salary.
    • 2008-2009 Acton Municipal Employees

    Acton School Salaries

    Acton School Union Contracts (as of 3/2009)
    Municipal Contracts

    Acton Town Municipal Contracts (as of 3/2009)

    School Department Contracts

  • Superintendent's Contract (2009)
  • Acton Education Association
  • Office Support Association
  • Town of Acton
    Acton's Land Stewardship Committee on Facebook:

    Town of Acton official web site
    "Docushare" site
    Agendas and minutes of town board meetings, other documents.
    Note: "Login" is NOT required to look at or download documents from this site


    "Web Site" section, another way to access information on the town web site

    Note: "Login" is NOT required to look at or download documents from this site

    Town Clerk's Department

    Information about elections, town meetings, vital records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.

    Health Department

    Information about emergency preparedness and all public health subjects such as septic systems, water resources, West Nile virus, etc.

    Boards and Committees

    Lists information about the many town volunteer boards - (last checked 5-22-06)

    See also

    Acton Public Schools and A-B Regional Schools official web site, includes links to other school-related

    Includes links to other school-related sites

    Minuteman Vocational technical school

    Acton Water District

    Main site

    Early Town Records (1700's)

    Just in case...

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    Main site - Information about the 351 Massachusetts cities and towns, including their web sites<

    Commonwealth Communities

    State web page for Acton

    Department of Education

    There is a considerable amount of information available from the Massachusetts Department of Education. The following links are only a starting point. A lot of the information is in Excel format.

    For information services, enrollment data and statistical reports, see also:

    School district profiles -- Note that the DoE's code for Acton Public Schools (K-6) is "002" and for the Acton-Boxborough Regional School (7-12) it is "600"

    School district profiles - Acton

    " Chapter 70 Program ("State Aid" to school districts)

    Chapter 70 trends

    Chapter 70 trends

    Acton Public Schools K-6

    Chapter 70 trends

    A-B Regional District 8-12

    School finance : "Circuit Breaker" information

    School finance : "School choice"

    School finance

    related links

    Statistical comparisons:

    Per pupil expenditures, Enrollment trends and average teacher salaries

    Long term enrollment trends

    A-B Regional District 7-12

    Long term enrollment trends, A-B Regional District 7-12

    Educator data (Excel file)

    Secretary of State:

    The Secretary of the Commonwealth (aka Secretary of State)

    The website has information on elections, citizen information services, public record management and motor vehicle excise.

    Secretary of State Public Records Division

    Main page - The public records law is the Commonwealth's equivalent to the federal "Freedom of Information" law, specifies which information is public and how to obtain it

    Secretary of State Citizen's Guide to Town Meeting

    State Ethics Commission:

    State Ethics Commission --

    The Ethics Commission was established to foster integrity in government
    and promote public trust. The Commission enforces the Conflict of Interest Law and
    the Financial Disclosure Law. The Conflict of Interest law regulates the conduct of all state,
    county and municipal employees and volunteers, whether paid or unpaid, full or part-time,
    intermittent or temporary

    Also see:

    Massachusetts Municipal Data and Financial Management:

    Division of Local Services

    -- Various financial spreadsheets for all cities and towns in the Commonwealth (Excel software needed), main page, Index

    Also see...

    "Cherry Sheet" information

    State aid to cities and towns

    Property tax related files -

    Tax rates, tax bills, assessed values by class etc for all cities and towns in the Commonwealth

    Proposition 2 1/2 Levy Limit Capacity and Referenda Votes

    Information about overrides voted and levy limits

    Municipal financial indicators

    Debt, Free Cash, bond ratings and other municipal financial indicators

    Community Preservation Act (CPA)

    Municipal Budgeted Revenues

    Municipal Actual Revenues and Expenditures

    Local Aid Distributions

    State Aid to Municipalities and Regional School Districts

    Municipal Glossary

    An excellent starting point for all DoR related information. A few examples are listed below

    Municipal Glossary - Finance

    Salary and Benefit survey

    for police, fire, and public works personnel

    Socioeconomic factors

    Office of Campaign and Political Finance

    The Office of Campaign and Political Finance

    The office is an independent state agency that administers Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 55, the campaign finance law, and Chapter 55C, the limited public financing program for statewide candidates.

    The Massachusetts General Court (legislature)

    Main Web Site

    See Also...

    Mass General Laws

    US Government

    Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculator

    Federal Reserve bank of Minneapolis

    also CPI, US Dept of Labor

    US Census Bureau American Fact Finder

    US Census Bureau information for Acton (year 2000 census)

    Official US time from NIST

    Check the time and/or update your computer clock


    Citizens for Limited Taxation

    The voice of the Massachusetts Taxpayer

    Federal and State "Do Not Call Registry" for telemarketing calls

    You can register your cell phone number as well as any residential phone number,

    both at the federal level

    and at the state level