Policies and Disclaimers

The Acton Forum is a website and newsletter dedicated to the open discussion of issues affecting Acton, Massachusetts. We welcome participation from the public. Active participation can include responding to posted articles, or submitting your own article for publication. You can also get on our email list, which will keep you alerted to the latest newsletter or other email bulletins the editors wish to send out. We will not share your personal information with anyone else. Submitted materials remain the property of the author.

One of the issues we wrestled with early on resulted in our decision not to edit pieces submitted by others. Therefore, the opinions expressed on the website and in the newsletter are the authors' opinions and do not necessarily reflect the thinking of the editors. Some publications will clean up the language or grammar of pieces submitted. We won't. But if something is offensive or in poor taste, we will endeavor to flag those sections and return the piece for revision by the writer.

Some of the editors like controversy (actually, maybe they all do!) so many of our articles are meant to be provocative. Don't let that discourage you, gentle reader, from being equally as forceful in your reply if you wish. While passionate debate is welcome, let us all keep in mind that the goal of this website is to give everyone a voice so that decisions we make as a town will be the best we can do as a community.

Some of the notable achievements we have seen in recent years came about by citizens questioning the conventional wisdom (think the NESWC landfill cap money or Chapter 70 state aid). If Acton Forum can get people thinking and talking about new ideas, and give a place for such ideas to germinate, we will have accomplished our goal. So we especially encourage our readers to submit suggestions, questions or articles that will get people thinking about things in new ways.

We also wish to shine a light on practices that may achieve someone's goals in the short term, but are poor methods for governing in the long term. Sometimes winning the fight is not worth it in light of the precedent that is set. At other times, the end result may be achieved but at what cost to the process? If an open and honest process is not followed, then many citizens will feel that the results are suspect. By providing a forum to publicize and expose violations of process, we hope to improve short-term decision-making and long-term confidence in our local form of government.

What drives all the volunteers in town to put in the time and effort they do? It is really amazing that we get such high caliber people involved in the town. Let us take a moment to salute the competent and dedicated staff who do such a great job, and the town board members who spend countless evenings and weekends working to make Acton better.

And if we criticize a decision or a way of thinking about a problem, keep in mind that our attacks are not personal. Our goal is to continue to improve local government, and we feel that constructive criticism is meant to be helpful, not harmful. We welcome your feedback on any level with that in mind.

Candidate Website Hosting on ActonForum.com

Any local candidate for office in a contested election can have a free website hosted by ActonForum.com. Included in this will be a link from our candidate or election page to the website. (If your site is independent, we will also publish a link to your webpage upon request.)

As a non-partisan website, we normally will not provide webpages for partisan elections. However, anyone is free to purchase advertising (CLICK HERE for our rates and further information.)

We do not edit content of candidates' websites. The views expressed on a candidates' website are his/her own. If you have any objections to any content and wish us to review it, please email submissions@ActonForum.com.

Candidate websites are for local (Acton only) elections that are contested.

If you wish to have us host your campaign website, CLICK HERE for further information!