The 2017 Chamber of Lions Treasure Hunt!

In a world gone mad, one town caught is scandal fights to keep from ripping at the seams. What can help these people? FUN! CASH! TOGETHERNESS!! A TREASURE HUNT! Get a friend or family member, throw the kids in the car, get members of a sports booster team together, church group, coworkers or a social club for some fun.

This is a real treasure hunt requiring cars, smart phones teams and a knowledge of local geography, landmarks, businesses and clue solving skills. The clues in question are businesses which are members of the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce. Give some of the clues below a try.

Clue 1
Near the Pope, there is no dope when joints hold some pain. An oasis red, it has been said an old-time residence.
You’ll hear a crack, somewhere outback by this noble name; but to be sure with one more R, it isn’t spelled the same.

Clue 2
The Jazz now rests, I can attest their once delicious sound. Kickers, Workers other places share the asphalt ground.
Oils, music, many hands under this wide gable. Soothing soars behind each door and upon every table.

Clue 3
A Central place, bunting on face, greens of every kind. Tracks west confess this place the best for idyll minds you’ll find. The buzz, the hum, the people come from places far and wide. To see the goodness that awaits for all who go inside.

Clue 4
Annexed on this Ice House shore, its name a play on words. For train it does on abacus the brain, the muscle bound.
The solution to, helping you; digits all around. Hard work, success, I must confess; equates to what I found.

Clue 5
The asphalt carpets the Woods where the roads meet and part. Find alphabetic letters three if motors stop to start. They do much more to help you score, a deal to make you flip. Just sit back down and hear a tale about this fateful trip.

Clue 6
The Great solar flats negate the flash of this fashions glare. Long been here, this pioneer dressed people young and old. The name, the same as generations came as fittingly as were told. The Nook not far to this bazaar nice things to behold.

Clue 7
The Meads white face, is the place for western village fair. This clue its true, can help guide you find your way just there. A purple hue with lovely blue is in this fanciful name. Vinca minor - nothing finer, but please just mind your step.

(The answers if you are interested are on the Acton Lions (make sure it is MA not ME or CA) Facebook page.)

Normally the Acton Lions Club hosting the Town Fair from June 15th until June 18th requires people only visit the fair to have fun. This time we bring the Town Fair fun to our Lion community. What is better than having fun with family and friends, playing a unique town/area wide treasure hunt and compete to win $500 for 90 minutes of playing?

Last year, the Acton Lions Club joined forces with the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce. We tested a town wide treasure hunt to coincide with our annual Town Fair. Now on the 100th Anniversary of Lions International, we want to go bigger. We are announcing a regional treasure hunt! Last year we kept it to the town of Acton and had seven participating businesses, this year by working with the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce, we will expand the circle to cover the eight towns the Chamber oversees. In addition to the expanded region we will increase the prizes.

The Acton Lions Club is one of the most successful clubs in Massachusetts (in terms of consistent contributions to the Mass Eye Research organization and local charitable giving) and working with the Middlesex West Chamber is an excellent way to strengthen the work that we do. “Working with Kathleen McDonald of the Chamber has been eye opening. She has a vision for the business community and for our common bond as service organizations.” Said Ken Silva Acton Lions Event Coordinator. This is a great way for two organizations to join, have fun and put on an event which celebrates our area and the businesses within it.

The treasure hunt will be great fun, last year we had great reviews from the hunters. This inspired us to do more for this year’s Acton Lions Town Fair. Last year we had seven businesses act as clues. We will have ten business locations participate in this event.

Here is how it will work for people who register to be hunters. On Saturday June 17th at 11:00 AM, we will have teams of people gathering at the Acton Lions Town Fair site (off Route 2 on School Street in Acton). We will announce the rules, answer questions, hype up the hunters and hand out their clues. This year, the clues will be in a shotgun start meaning the hunters will be directed to different clues to start. These teams will consist of drivers who focus solely on safe transportation and people who can read clues and use smart phones to help if necessary. The teams should have themes and costumes to match. Teams need to register.

The hunters will drive around and try to solve the clues. They will try to solve the clue by breaking down a riddle into a region or area (usually represented by a landmark or something visible), then local clues about the type of business and something specific in the clue like a strangely spelled word. Hunters can use smart phones or look at the member list on the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce. They would triangulate and area, get a sense if they are on to the clue, enter the business and walk to the front desk and ask they are a clue. Someone at your location will pass out an envelope with your next clue and take a picture (by cell phone) to post on social media sites. Acton Cable Access Television will be a team and they will be hunting as well. They will capture this fun event.

This treasure hunt will challenge the participants you to use all their wits and knowledge of Acton and surrounding towns to find clues. Each clue leads them to the next clue and ultimately to the treasure! The clues provide reference points for geography, landmarks or visible descriptions combined with clues about what the business does.

The winner will need an understanding of Acton geography, some history, some landmarks and definitely some local establishments. The winning team will receive $500. There is no cost to participate and last year we had families and friends. We suggest people look at this as an opportunity to make a social event for organizations that raise funds (school and community) and use it as a chance to raise $500.

Hunters must be able to participate. Teams must consist of a minimum of two people. One driver focused on safe driving and someone to read and research on a smart phone if necessary at a minimum. This is a public event so expect to be photographed. Winner will be recognized at awards presentation. This event is a single winner competition. There is one prize. All participants are suggested to continue as long as they wish. There is no sharing of clues on public social media sites or hunter forfeits and the contest may be cancelled.

There will be a winner ceremony with the presentation of the award that afternoon at the Acton Lions Town Fair Grounds. We will provide a meal for the winners and people associated with the event. Bring your families and make an event of it. The presentation of gifts and a wreath will be placed on the winner’s head. We will take photos, provide refreshments and generate material that we will use to submit to the paper.

Ken Silva
Treasure Hunt Coordinator