2018 Acton-Boxborough School Staff Salaries

The Acton-Boxborough Regional School District sent us the 2018 W-2 Salary information and we have it in two versions, one ranked by earnings from high to low, and one in alphabetical order.

The list alphabetically is here: AB_schools_2018_W2_alpha.xlsx

The list by earnings is here: AB_schools_2018_W2_top_wages.xlsx

There were 84 employees earning over $100,000 a year. Topping this year's list is Assistant School Superintendent Marie Altieri. New Superintendent Peter Light started mid-year and the School was also paying the previous Superintendent, Glenn Brand, for the balance of his contract through last year.

This list is for earnings January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018. Figures can vary year-to-year as staff get raises each fiscal year, which runs July through June, and sometimes there are different numbers of pay-periods (25, 26, or 27) from calendar year to calendar year, so a direct comparison from one year to the next using W-2 data may be comparing apples to oranges some years.

Previous year's earnings can be reviewed at our Links and Docs page.

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