Do not Believe the Rosy Promises by the Sewer Proponents

People are being told that if the West Acton is sewered they will get new restaurants. This is not guaranteed. In reality, we will probably lose more restaurants than we gain. Zoning in West Acton does not require restaurants. In fact, it doesn't even require stores, or any commercial businesses at all. The West Acton Village zoning actually allows "higher density" building when it's 100% residential. So, it's more likely that we will lose restaurants and gain more less affordable condos/traffic. The proposed sewer betterments for West Acton Village business and landlords’ parcels are very expensive. And we've heard from business people who believe they may go out of business if they are charged these outrageous sewer betterments. And if you can be sure that the landlords will pass betterments off to the lowest income renters. I hope people do not believe the "sales pitch" for sewers that only talks about good things. In South Acton similar "rosy promises" were made. After sewers came, businesses left South Acton Village, replaced by high priced condos, to the point that there are no restaurants or shops in South Acton Village at all, and hardly any of the new condos are affordable to anyone I know.

I've found excellent West Acton sewer fact checking at FriendsOfWestActon

I hope everyone checks it out before voting. And for the sake of the people in West Acton who can not afford to pay for this sewer project, please VOTE NO! on December 10.

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About your association

Your post states this : "I've found excellent West Acton sewer fact checking at FriendsOfWestActon" If I search for that "Friends of West Acton Terra Friedrichs" in Google I find this in its cache: "Formed in 2019 by Mike Geis, Chris Williams and former Selectman Terra Friedrichs, we're a group of local residents who love West Acton. We were concerned ..." You are no longer listed as the Founder of Friends of West Acton, but at one point you apparently were. For some reason you no longer are. Since you are now asking us to fact check at that website would you mind clarifying your current and past role (if any) in it?