Local Political Update: Part 2, Acton Republican Town Committee

On behalf of the Acton Forum, I contacted four political committees/independent candidates and asked them to provide information on three topics, so our readers could learn more and possibly get involved prior to the upcoming election.

Explain the topics you discussed at your most recent meeting.

How do people get involved and what do you need volunteers to do in the near future?

Have you endorsed any candidates and why?

Acton Republican Town Committee

The Acton RTC serves as Acton’s source for Republican activism and is chartered through the Massachusetts Republican Party. Our membership is comprised of people with varied career backgrounds and vocations, and from many ethnicities, religious affiliations, age groups, and income levels. Our meetings are open to all interested in furthering the principles of limited government and individual liberty.

The issues we involve ourselves with are raised by our membership and you, our fellow Actonians. Our recent activities include:

Recreational Marijuana Stores

We were and are very concerned with recreational marijuana stores coming to Acton. The issues we have with recreational pot are three-fold. First, the way the pot industry markets their product – couched as common candies, cookies, infused products such as cotton candy, ice cream and pop soda is troublesome for any one with children. Secondly, there is, currently, no accepted means of testing drivers to determine the level of THC in their system. This makes us all unsafe on our roads. And, finally, because marijuana is still illegal at the national level, federally insured banks are unwilling to enter into any relationships with pot shops. This, in turn, forces them to be cash only businesses, magnets for criminal elements.

The 2016 law allows communities to “opt-out”. To further that end, the ARTC circulated a position statement and established a sub-committee charged with designing and printing “Vote ‘yes’ on Nov 6/Dec 3 to ban pot shop’ lawn signs”. We are now taking requests and planting these signs.

Kelley’s Corner

The ARTC focused its concerted attention to changes afoot to improve the Kelley’s corner intersection infrastructure. Unfortunately, the existing plan devastates some of the viable businesses at the corner and significantly detracts from the small-town ambiance of our community with increased traffic flow and destruction of old-growth trees on Massachusetts avenue. We issued a press release with our concerns, with suggestions for plan improvements to add our voices to the diverse chorus of Actonians wishing to see modifications that fulfill the plan goals while improving the end results.


Local outreach to the Acton community is something we have focused on and continue to do. Recently, we presented Republican principles (our friends across the aisle aired their views as well) to a spirited gathering at the Bellow’s Farm Clubhouse. We’ve held bar-b-queue events to discuss the issues of the day and mingle with fellow Actonians. We’ve held meet-n-greets for Republican candidates over the years, most recently for Geoff Diehl running for US Senate. Our meetings often bring candidates to Acton so that we can all examine the issues and consider our varying viewpoints. These include those currently running: Margaret Busse for State Senate, Rich Green for US House, and Jay McMahon for MA Attorney General.

In addition, we connect with the Young Republicans in town through our liaison with the ABRHS Republican group. Founded in 2010, the group provides an environment for high school kids to voice their political opinions, get involved in campaigns and gain a better perspective on local, national and international issues. Additionally, for the last four years, the group has organized a fundraiser for homeless veterans, collecting socks, soap and other toiletry items.


We meet the third Wednesday of the month in a rotating pattern of venues around town. The first half hour is an informal conversation over cheese and crackers, desserts and a glass of wine or beverage of choice. Then we more formally meet according to our agenda. We welcome all those that care to join us and welcome all viewpoints (we’ve had many!). For more information about us, what we do, or meeting details, contact Dave Lunger (davelunger@verizon.net/781-775-9922/Chairman) or actonrepubs@gmail.com.


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