School asks Acton Forum to publicize event

With the continued presence on the School Committee of Amy Krishnamurthy and Mary Brolin, two of the ringleaders responsible for forcing Superintendent Glenn Brand to resign and for the resultant damage to our school system's reputation, Acton and Boxborough residents should not trust the validity of School Committee proposals and promises. The full School Committee has failed to take any action to correct the misinformation, self-serving secrecy and waste of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' funds which has characterized the relationship between this School Committee and the Acton and Boxborough communities. Until changes are made, including as a minimum the resignations of Krishnamurthy and Brolin, Acton Forum recommends that citizens withhold support for any School Committee proposals.

With that being said, we received a notice of a public meeting with a request that we publish it. It was not in "press release" format but was a two-sided flyer, not something that is conducive to posting on a website. The take-away is that a series of meetings to discuss the school building plan and to come before a Special Town Meeting in December has been announced. To read the flyer, click here:

The first forum is Tuesday night, October 17, at Douglas School at 7:00 p.m. Residents of Acton and Boxborough may go to forums in either town, they will not be town specific.

The plan as outlined by the flyer is to build a Twin elementary School to replace Douglas and Gates. This school would also have space to hold the pre-K program that the School is promoting, which is currently held in the administration building.

The new building would be built on the Gates property. If that site is not workable, then the Conant property may be used instead. It is not clear if Conant will continue as the District's sixth elementary school or if the school is planning on consolidating to five schools.

On December 4, there will be a Special Town Meeting in both towns to authorize a feasibility study for this plan. The cost of the study will be $1.3 million, of which the state will pay $590,000. The balance will come from the District's free cash reserve (called Excess & Deficiency, or E & D).

The feasibility study will take 18 months and should result in a selected site, a complete plan, and a request for funding in 2019.

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Vote NO

We need to send a message to the School Committee. Unless there are multiple resignations from the SC before the Town Meeting, Vote NO on approving the feasibility study.

Scott Smyers lives in Acton.