In support of Terra Friedrichs for Acton Selectmen

I am writing this letter in support of Terra Friedrichs for Acton Selectman. When I was on the Select Board, I served with Terra and found her to be intelligent, engaged, driven, and fiscally responsible.

In 2009 we were facing another national crisis – the financial collapse of the housing market. It destroyed the stock market and tanked the housing market to the point where people were underwater with their mortgages. The town faced many financial challenges as people had trouble paying their property tax. I worked closely with Terra and members of the Finance Committee, School Committee, town manager and superintendent on a cost saving committee focused on finding cost savings within the town budget. We were ultimately successful, resulting in no layoffs in the town or schools.

We are, once again, faced with difficult decisions. Based on my previous experience of working with Terra, I think that she would be well-positioned to deal with the looming financial issues facing the town. She has proven analytical skills, an excellent understanding of finance and a willingness to work cooperatively to come to consensus.

Please join me in voting for her for selectmen, June 2. You can apply for an early ballot application from the town clerk that will be mailed to you, or you can brave the polls (all voting will be conducted at the R.J. Gray junior high school this time). This is an important election.

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