Town Manager Update

Please introduce yourself by providing some background and some of your ideas for the Town of Acton.

My name is John Mangiaratti and I started as Acton’s Town Manager on July 1, 2018. My prior experience includes serving as Deputy Town Manager in Andover, MA and serving as Assistant Town Manager in Westford, MA.

In my first few months I have enjoyed getting to know all of the staff, volunteers, and community members that make Acton a special place. The Board of Selectmen have been very supportive and I have enjoyed working closely with them. It was helpful to have the Board’s goal setting meeting during my first month as it helped me to better understand the Board’s priorities for my first year.

Committees and volunteer groups have welcomed me and invited me to attend many meetings and events. There are a lot of exciting things happening in Town Hall and in our other departments throughout town. One item I have focused on in my first few months is finding new ways to engage with the public and to help connect people to all of the wonderful services and programs that we offer.

I hope that your readers subscribe to our email notifications to receive timely updates including our newsletter. Also, I hope that your readers follow our Facebook page, twitter feed (@actonmagov), and instagram account (@actonmagov). A few announcements: We are collecting toys for local children in Toys for Toys collection boxes at the Town Hall, Public Safety Center, and the Human Services & Senior Center until December 7th. Also at the Human Services and Senior Center we have a Hat and Mitten Tree. Donors are encouraged to bring new hats and mittens to decorate this tree inside the office of the Acton Nursing Services. These hats and mittens will be distributed to families in need this winter.

Are there any updates on public transportation issues including MBTA, parking, shuttle buses, and rental bicycles?

Acton has a very impressive public transportation program. We offer multiple options to access local and regional services using vans, and also multiple ways to connect residents to the MBTA commuter rail. Acton has four vans, two dedicated to Seniors and People with Disabilities and two open to the general public. Trips in Acton for Seniors are $1 per trip and for the general public $2. Trips out-of-town are $1.50 for Seniors and $4 for the general public. Currently Acton is part of a regional dispatch service for Acton, Boxborough, Littleton and Maynard. Dispatch services are open from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, M-F, with the exception of holidays. Residents can book trips by calling the dispatcher at 978-844-6809. The service is an on demand/door to door service which covers any location in Acton, Boxborough, Concord, Littleton and Maynard, as well as parts of Westford and Sudbury. Each van is equipped with a wheelchair lift and service animals for individuals with disabilities are welcome. Additional information regarding these services can be found at: Transtportation and MinuteVan Acton also has a fixed route shuttle, CrossActon Transit (CAT), which connects high population density properties with businesses along Great Road, in West Acton, Kelly’s Corner and South Acton, as well as, Acton Center and the South Acton Commuter Rail Station. Service begins at 8 AM and ends at 6 PM. The Route from Avalon on Nagog Park to the South Acton Commuter Rail Station and back takes 1 hour. $1 per trip is charged. The schedule for the CAT and a real time shuttle tracker can be found at; Transit

Acton has off-site parking for commuters at the West Acton Fire Station and the Mount Calvary Church. The Rail shuttle transports riders from those two locations and meets the inbound trains at 6:28 AM, 7:03 AM, 7:23 AM, 7:53 AM and 8:53 AM. It also meets the evening outbound trains at 5:08 PM, 6:22 PM, 6:51 PM, 7:21 PM and 8:07 PM. In addition, the Rail Shuttle’s first run in the morning and first run in the evening has stops at Sachem Way, Nagog Woods, Avalon Drive, Great Road Condo’s and Donelan’s. More information regarding pricing and schedule can be found at; Transtportation and MinuteVan

Acton is a member of CrossTown Connect (CTC), which is a Transportation Management Association of private and public partners. Together the members of CTC identify the area’s transportation needs and develop programs to address those needs. These programs have included common dispatch, Maynard/Acton Shuttle, Littleton/Westford Shuttle and services to businesses which includes Ridematching and Guaranteed Ride Home programs. More information regarding all of CTC’s programs can be found at; CrossTownConnect

The Bike share program is a two-year pilot program to provide 10 bikes in Acton with two locking stations, one in West Acton at Gardner Playground and one at the South Acton Train Station. Acton and Maynard launched the two-year program together this fall. There is also one station in Maynard at the Mill and Main. This initiative is consistent with the Complete Streets Policy and the Acton 2020 plan for connectivity and economic development. The bike share program aims to reduce vehicular emissions and provides an alternative way to access the South Acton Commuter Station. The bike share program will be compatible with similar programs in Marlborough, Lexington, Concord and Maynard – creating a regional network on the Assabet River Rail Trail, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, and on-street. The appropriation from 2018 Annual Town Meeting will be offset by committed local business and commercial property sponsors. In addition, revenue from ridership fees will be recouped by the Town.

Is there anything you would like to explain about the upcoming Special Town Meeting that citizens should consider from the Town Manager's point of view?

I am looking forward to my first Town Meeting in Acton. If you are planning to be there, please arrive before 7pm so we have time to get everyone checked in. Information about the Town Meeting, including translations of the warrant may be found at the following web page: Town Meeting

John S. Mangiaratti (978)-929-6611

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